based in Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • Mobile Development

    We will develop an awesome mobile app that you deserve. We work with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.

    New mobile apps pop up all over like mushrooms. And it rains now in mobile app development market. Many fail really quickly and only the best survive thanks to experience and care. Rino Development fosters commitment and quality and has the right experience to turn your idea into a great product.

  • WEB Development

    We have professionals who will create a social network, e-shop, or corporate website that really shines.

    There is no less or more important things in web development——everything matters. Architecture, project management, prototyping, design, coding, and testing have the same importance. We do them all from scratch and we know what we do.

  • advertising

    We know how to pitch your product the right way. Mass media, viral, and promo marketing.

    Unless a start-up wants to remain a start-up, it needs smart pitching. We’ve got the right people who are really good at and crazy about getting products into the top and generating big ideas. You are just a few steps away from success.

We work as a team

And team up with a client. To deliver a terrific product and uncap its potential we stick together and become business partners who follow the same aim.


  • Channel 5
  • Alfa Bank
  • Epson
  • RTC
  • Victoria Secret
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